New on TRIResults: Search Triathlon Events

To make even more user-friendly, I added a new search option – Search by Event Name.  Now you can easily find what triathlon events are available on TRIResults and see historical results for each event.

From click the Search link at the top and start typing the event name in the form .  As you type the name of the event, the search results will be dynamically displayed below:

Click the event name that you are interested in and the next page will display all historical results for that event:

Let me know if you have any questions or post them on the TRIResults Q&A site.

Advertisements is back!

I would like to announce that after a short hiatus is back online!  I have received an overwhelming amount of requests to resurrect, so I decided to make it live again.  Thank you for all your support and please be patient as I add missing results for 2011.

P.S. For some regions, the domain might not have propagated yet.  By Friday morning it should be fully propagated.


New Feature: Sort Results by Country

I have added a new feature to “Sort by country”.  You will notice that each event results page now has a a drop down with countries at the top.  Selecting a country and clicking the “Sort by country” button will return results sorted by that country.    Now you can easily see record times by country.  For example, these are Ironman Hawaii 2010 times from athletes from Australia:

Please note that not all country information is available.

Thanks @caminoakona for the request!


How the number of female vs. male triathlon participants has changed over the years.

I have added more statistical information for each triathlon event on  Now, in addition to the total number of athletes per event, you can see the total number of female vs. male athletes.  Anyone who is interested to know how the number of female vs. male triathlon participants has changed in past 10-15 years will find this information useful.  A couple of examples:

Ironman Wisconsin

  • 2002: female/male – 393/1409
  • 2010: female/male – 668/1882

Ironman Canada

  • 2002: female/male – 314/1398
  • 2010: female/male – 842/1888

Ironman USA Lake Placid

  • 1999: female/male – 255/1121
  • 2010: female/male – 622/1989

Ironman Coeur d’Alene

  • 2003: female/male – 323/1251
  • 2010: female/male – 599/1662

Ironman Hawaii

  • 1994: female/male – 248/1042
  • 2010: female/male – 489/1283

For other events, please go to, check the results for an event that you are interested in and click “results for other years“.

Be a member of a relay team with top professionals.

Life Time Fitness Inc announced the addition of two new ways to compete in LTF triathlon series: Fantasy and Match Relays. The Fantasy relay option sounds very interesting and exciting:

… participants now can be a part of the triathlon action alongside the Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series professional triathletes. Participants simply register and select one leg–swim, bike or run–in which they will compete. Then also select two virtual teammates from the roster of top professional triathletes for the other two legs of the Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series event in which they are competing. Ultimately, the time of the participant’s leg will be added to the times of their professional teammates to determine an overall finish time. Awards will be given out to the top three male and top three female Fantasy Relay teams. The Fantasy Relay will be offered on the international-distance course, featuring a 1.5-kilometer (0.93 mile) swim, 40-kilometer (25.8 mile) bike and 10-kilometer (6.2 mile) run.

I think this is a great idea!  I am sure it will attract new people to their events and it will make their events very exciting.  Imagine, you can be on the relay team with Craig Alexander and Chris McCormack! (assuming they are competing in the same event).

More information here.

Introducing API

I have been collecting, transforming and loading the data for since 2001. The site has become a unique source of information for historical triathlon results and especially for Ironman results and qualifying times. has collected the most comprehensive database of well-organized historical Ironman results and qualifying times. The results for each athlete are cross-referenced with all events, so that when you click on an athlete’s name you can see all his or her results on one page. This makes viewing and researching athletes very efficient.

I decided that it was time to open the triresults database to the outside developers and let them create their own applications by using the extensive triathlon results database that I have collected for many years. I created the first set of API calls and to demonstrate what can be done with them I have written a sample application that was built entirely by using the TRIRestults API. To view the sample application, please go to To see the API documentation, please visit the TRIResutls developer page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Good luck!