Ironman Hawaii 2011 Qualifying Times from Ironman Arizona 2011

New report for Ironman Hawaii 2011 Qualifying Times from Ironman Arizona 2011:


Results for Ironman Arizona 2007

I loaded the results for Ironman Arizona 2007. To check the Ironman Hawaii 2007 qualifying times, please go to Reports (see link below), then IMHI Qualifying Times for Event and select IM Arizona and the AG you’re interested in. I am always interested in seeing the slowest qualifying times per AG. Here are a couple of examples for IM Arizona:

Year M30-34 M35-39 M40-44
2007 10:01:48 10:07:15 09:54:44
2006 09:59:31 10:09:48 10:07:43
2005 10:19:51 10:25:51 10:25:51

To run other reports, please the Reports page.