FAQ about DragSox

source: AquaVolo.com


What is DragSox™ ?
DragSox is a power training device that is used in the water.

What’s so cool about them?
The beauty of DragSox is in their simplicity and effectiveness.  They add significant amount of resistance while being completely noninvasive.  Its totally unique design allows the swimmer to maintain natural body position and balance with complete freedom of movement.  Also, they look cool.  When you are in the pool, everyone will want to talk to you.

How can DragSox  benefit me?
DragSox add a lot of resistance in the water.  To overcome that resistance, your muscles have to work harder.  The harder your muscles work, the stronger and more powerful they will become.  If you want to get stronger, more powerful and faster, DragSox are for you.

Who are DragSox for?
Anyone who wants to improve physically (get stronger, more powerful and faster) and doesn’t mind hard work.

Who are DragSox NOT for?
If you don’t want to work hard or have the patience to see improvements over time then DragSox are not for you.

Who uses DragSox?
A wide range of people use them: from elite swimmers to lap swimmers who only recently learned how to swim, from age group swimmers to people who could be their grand-parents,  swimmers, runners, triathletes and other athletes who do cross-training in the water.

What strokes can DragSox be used in?
DragSox can be used in all four strokes.

Can I use DragSox with fins?
Yes.  There is an opening at the bottom that was designed specifically for this purpose.

What else are DragSox good for?
It is an excellent training device for water running.  Check this video to see what it looks like:http://aquavolo.com/video/water-running-dragsox™.
You can use them for water aerobics (in the deep end).
Some people use them for rehabilitation after an injure (talk your physician first).
If you come up with some clever use for DragSox, let us know and we’ll add it here.

Are DragSox similar to parachute?
They are similar only in the way that both create resistance.  Swimming with parachute, however, is extremely annoying because you’re always kicking the strap.  This is a common complaint.   We, for once, have never met a swimmer who wouldn’t complain about parachute (and we know a lot of swimmers!).  In fact, this dislike of swimming with a parachute was one of the reasons why we invented DragSox.  (here is a related post: http://aquavolo.com/journal/article/2011/01/swimming-parachute-vs-dragsox)

Are DragSox similar to fins?
No.  They are the opposite of fins.  Please read this post for more information:

Are DragSox similar to Power tower?
Please read this post: http://aquavolo.com/journal/article/2011/03/dragsox™-vs-power-tower

What do you really think about DragSox?
DragSox is the best power training device on the market for swimmers!  Seriously, as swimmers, we have tried all kinds of power training gear and none of it is as effective and fun to use as DragSox.  We have been training with DragSox for a while now but still,  every time we do a workout with them, we get an unbelievable sense of satisfaction!

Where can I buy DragSox?
You can buy them from our online store: http://aquavolo.bigcartel.com/


Kick Hard Swim Fast!


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