Swimming with Parachute vs. DragSox (repost from AquaVolo)

Parachute was one of the things I thought about when I was developing DragSox.  I liked the drag that parachute created but there were two things that I really didn’t like about them.  One was that my foot was constantly hitting the strap, making it hard to get into the rhythm of the stroke.  This is a common complaint.  Second is that because the parachute is attached to the waist, it slightly pulls you down, changing your body position.  The change in body position is not huge but it is there.  I wanted  a device that would give benefits of the drag with out the drawbacks I listed.  I wanted something that I could move freely in and keep my natural body position.  DragSox gives all of these.

A few months ago, I tried modifying a parachute to attach to the ankles.  Read more


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