Our Sunday Swim Workout | Stations

WU + drills = 30 min

This is a slightly modified version of Dave Marsh‘s set* (we used DragSox instead of Power Tower and adjusted some intervals).

Repeat each station twice.

1) 4 x 25 swim with DragSox DPS @1:00 + 4 x 25 all out swim no equipment @ 0:20

2) 4x stretch cord kicks (kick till you stop moving and then kick for another 5 seconds) + 4x 25 kick @ 0:30; descend 1-4 to all out.

3) 5 x pullouts with DragSox + 25 sprint swim with DragSox; 0:20 rest + 25 sprint swim with fins; 0:40 rest + 25 sprint swim no equipment.

4) 4x stretch cord kicks + 10 seconds, 4×25 kick with vertical board (VB) 12.5 then easy for 12.5 @0:50.

5) 3x quadruple cord kick outs, 3x quadruple cord kick outs plus two strokes, 4x double cord kick outs without breath in between.

Cool down

more workouts here.

* (you can find other excellent Dave Marsh’s workouts on Joel Elber’s blog)


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