and Ironman

Most triathlon results are listed by event. You open a file and you search through to find how you placed. If you want to see multiple events. you look at multiple sites and collect the data. I found this frustrating so I created It’s the first site that aggregated and matched triathlon results in one place. So, if you click on an athlete’s name in, you see all of his or her results for all events. The bulk of the results on are for Ironman events so it’s not surprising that most of visitors are Ironman or aspiring Ironman athletes.  I have spent several years collecting, formatting and loading the Ironman results and Ironman Hawaii qualifying times, making TRIResults a pretty unique place, one where triathletes from all over the world go to find their results, to research their competitor’s times, to see what times they need to have in order to qualify for Ironman Hawaii and to get motivated for training. has been operating successfully on its own for quite a while. For it to really realize its potential, however, I think it should work in partnership with another triathlon entity and just makes sense. I can’t help think that integrating with the ironman website would be a tremendous benefit to all triathletes. While has a lot of historical data on its site, they are hard to access and there is no search functionality. Imagine the benefit if people could go to the ironman website to get all of their pre-Ironman needs met. They could look up qualifying times, view historical results, research their competitors times and interact with fellow athletes at the Ironman social network IAmTri. It makes sense to me.

So, if anyone from the Ironman corporation is reading this and would like to discuss integrating my services to complement your offerings, please send me an email at and I would be happy to talk to you.


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