Tip: How to research your competition for upcoming Ironman Hawaii 2009 on TRIResults.com

If you have qualified for Ironman Hawaii 2009, chances are you would like to know who you’re going to compete against and what times to expect from your competition in Kona.  TRIResults helps you with this.  All you have to do is run a report to determine which athletes in your age group have qualified for Kona in October and what their times have been up until today.  This information might help you plan your race and it just takes 4 easy steps.

1.  Go to TRIResults analysis page and run the “Show Ironman Hawaii Qualifying Times per Age Group per Year” report.

TRIResults.com - Triathlon Results Statistics

2. Select your age group and the year.

TRIResults.com - Ironman Hawaii Qualifying Times per Age Group per Year

3.On this page you will see all available on triresults.com Ironman Hawaii qualifiers for available events.  These people will probably be racing against you in Kona this October.  You can click any of the names and see their previous results.

TRIResults.com - Ironman Hawaii 2009 Qualifying Times for M35-39

4.  For example, the last person to qualify at IM Lake Placid 2009 has also done the following events, two of which were Ironman Hawaii, one in 2008 and one in 2006.  His time last year in Kona was 10:25:30 (pretty fast!), so if you want to beat this guy, you’ll probably have to go sub 10:25:00.

TRIResults.com - Triathlon results for Robert Richardson

Please note that TRIResults might not have all data for all athletes. I try to have comprehensive data, but there might be some gaps. Happy training!


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