What’s new in Version 2

Here are some of the features that are new in TRIResults version 2:

1. All results are sortable by place, division, total time, swim, bike or run time.
2. All race reports are organized on one page and are sortable by date or event name.
3. Ironman Hawaii qualifying times reports have direct links now (you can also access them on the statistics page), for example: 
http://triresults.com/hawaii_qualifiers/M35-39/2008.  You can simply change the age group and/or year in the URL and get the results.  The results are updated automatically with each data load, so you can bookmark the page for your convenience. 
4. Forum.
5. Photos.  Members can upload/edit photos.
6. Each member has a public page that is accessible to the public, so you can share your accomplishments with your friends.  Here’s my page, for example: http://triresults.com/home/triathlete_results/35209
7. Members can update their first and last names now.  So, if your name is misspelled on triresults.com, you can update it yourself. 

Many more features are coming in the near future…  If you have any specific requests, either email me personally at eduard [at] triresults dot com or post them on the forum.


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