version 2

Version 2 is live.  I’ll write more about it in the day or two.


7 thoughts on “ version 2

  1. Your search in v2 is kind of broken. There are many athletes who have last names shorter than 4 letters.

    Honestly, so far, I like v1’s interface better.

    Thanks, Chris

  2. Hey Chris, can you email me the link to pages with wrong names? eduard [at] triresults dot com

    Interface is easy to change, if people prefer the old look, I’ll switch it back.


  3. Eduard,

    This site is a great resource. I have to say I like V1 much, much better. One option in the past I liked was being able to check the results of people in my AG for a future race. It there a chance of the bringing that function back?

    Thanks, Jeff

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