Monitor with ZapTXT!

I just added a new feature “Monitor with ZapTXT!” to  ZapTXT is another project I am involved in.  It is a free service that lets you monitor one or many RSS or Atom feeds for a set of keywords that interest you. It will monitor the feeds for you and send you a notification whenever one of your feeds matches your criteria. You can choose to receive these notices via Email, Mobile device (SMS) or Instant Messenger.

From now on, if you would like to be notified each time I update, you can use ZapTXT.  Just click the green Z image on and fill out a short form. (You won’t have to leave the triresults page; the whole process is done via the lightbox.)  Currently, there are two RSS feeds that I expose on the main triresults page: Blog and New Events.  If you pick both during the registration, you’ll be notified every time I write a new post or add a new event.  

In addition to monitoring the triresults site as a whole, you can use ZapTXT to follow specific athletes, yourself or any other triathlete in TRIResults. To do so, go to the results page for the athlete and click on the green ZapTXT Z. A form will appear allowing you to set up monitoring for this athlete. Using this feature, you will be notified every time new results are added for this person. Check out Chris McCormack’s results page: Scroll down and you’ll see the ZapTXT Z.  Or, if you’re a fan of Chrissie Wellington, monitor her results here:

The benefit of ZapTXT is that you don’t have to keep returning to triresults to see if there is new data. You just set up a ZapTXT Task and the system does it for you. Less time at the computer = More time training.


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