TRIResults Qualifying Times eBooks at

One of the more popular aspects of TRIResults has always been the qualifying times for Kona. In order to make the times more accessible to athletes, I have created ebooks. There are two categories of ebooks — qualifying times shown by year or by event. Each ebook contains the qualifying times for a specific age group.

So far, I have created ebooks for 2007, Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman Canada and Ironman Florida. The 2007 ebooks list all the events with qualifying times for Ironman Kona 2007 for most age groups. The ebooks for the three events contain all the historical qualifying times in the TRIResults database. All the athletes’ names are linked back to so you can easily check any qualifier’s previous triathlon results.

The goal in creating these ebooks was to help athletes who want to go to Kona keep their inspiration close by, to have qualifying times in hand so they know their goals. You can print the ebooks, laminate them, post them in front of your CompuTrainer in the dead of winter. You can use them however you want to keep yourself motivated.

Check out the ebooks at and please let me know if there are other events or years that you would like to see.

Happy Training!


5 thoughts on “TRIResults Qualifying Times eBooks at

  1. I have been trying to find half ironman qualifying times for the Ironman Hawaii. Where would you suggest finding this information.


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