New Report: Results by Percentage

Per Paul’s suggestion, I’ve created a new report that I call Results by Percentage (for now). This report shows the number of athletes who finished within 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and 75% of fastest time.

Triathlon Results by Percentage

Check it out and let me know what you think: Triathlon Results by Percentage


2 thoughts on “New Report: Results by Percentage

  1. Hi,
    interesting report, but not the one I envisaged 🙂

    Here’s what I meant with just the 50th percentile results:
    Percentile Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Finish
    Austria 2006
    50 1:11:54 0:05:27 5:48:53 0:05:14 4:25:58 11:43:17
    Germany 2006
    50 1:22:54 0:05:19 5:38:47 0:03:03 4:32:36 11:47:36

    Since Germany 2006 was a non-wetsuit swim, you can see the slowdown.
    So let’s say I’m a swimmer who does 1:12 in Austria, I could guess that I might do 1:23 without a wetsuit in Germany… I’m thinking that if there are 2000+ people in an event, then if you beat 70% of them in one discipline at one event, then you’re probably going to be at a similar percentile somewhere else, barring disasters.

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