Ironman Hawaii Top 10 PRO Winners (1994 – 2006)

Here are the URLs to the reports for Ironman Hawaii professional winners:


Let me know if you have any questions.


11 thoughts on “Ironman Hawaii Top 10 PRO Winners (1994 – 2006)

  1. Jane, I haven’t seen IM Hawaii 1984-1988 results posted anywhere. I have results for 1984-1985 (sent to me by a user) but they’re not online yet. I am planning on adding them as soon as I have time.

  2. I still got 1984 1985 and 1986 HAWAII IRONMAN OFFICIALS RESULTS.
    I was a finisher of these races.
    I will scan it if nobody do it.

  3. Robert, can you scan these results on a scanner with character recognition, so the results can be automatically loaded into Excel or CSV? If so, I would be happy to add them to

    thanks for the offer.

  4. Did you all get the results for ’85 and ’86?

    I can assist with OCR and data entry if you still need.


  5. Mark,

    If you send me your email address, I’ll email you a pdf file that I have, that still needs to be converted to excel or CSV.

    eduard [at] triresults dot com


    1. My email is RichHauptschein@yahoo,.com – Would appreciate anyone sending me results of 1985 Ironman. Thanks …

  6. I fnished with the 1st place Japanese triathlete Mitsuhiro Yamamoto from Toyko in 1985. Our picture was on the cover of the only Japanese Triathlon magazine. He had sent me a copy but it has been losted in our moves. It’s a long shot but would anyone have any information on where I could find a copy of the magazine or perhaps know of Mitsuhiro. Sincerely, Greg Goodman
    Physical Education Specialist
    Blue Springs, Mo

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