Training Log

My wife and her sister recently started running.  They live in different states, but email each other to share their training and to stay motivated.  My wife wanted to have a log of her workouts and her sisters, but email was not accomplishing this.  So after much pestering, she finally convinced me to add a training log to TriResults.

At this point, the training log is very basic without that much functionality, but it's been set up so that you can track your own training and share your workouts with friends.  Here is the gist:

– You can add a workout for specific sports, including the obvious like swimming, biking running, but also walking, yoga, gym, hiking, and vasa. I might add the ability to create a sport later on, if people request that feature.

– There are some rudimentary stats available — workout totals for that week, month and year.

– You can share your training log with friends who are registered TriResults users.  There is built-in privacy here.  You select the name of the people you want to see your training log and they give you permission to see theirs.  Each person controls who can see their training logs.

You have to be registered with TriResults to use this feature, but it's easy to register.  There's a link to the Training Log on the myTriResults page.


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