Ironman Austria 2009 Athletes Who Qualified for Ironman Hawaii 2009

Reports for Ironman Austria 2009 athletes who qualified for Ironman Hawaii 2009 have been added to  Please go to the analysis page OR click the “Hi Qualifiers” next to the Ironman Austria 2009 results on - Historical Triathlon Results-2

select your age group and run the report: --2

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Ironman Austria 2007 is taking place this weekend. I decided to create a few dedicated pages for various popular events. Ironman Austria is my first attempt. At some point I’ll have to redesign the page to make everything look nice but for now, it works. The reason I decided to create these event dedicated pages is to make it easier for people to find relative information for the event. Right now, for each event I’ll have 3 types of data:

1. Historical results
2. Historical Ironman Hawaii qualifying times (if an event is a qualifier)
3. Historical top 10 division winners.

Ironman Australia Information Page

I’ll probably add more information later on. It’s still work in progress. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Ironman Austria Information Page on