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“Similarities between DragSox® and the 2014 Olympics Speedskating Suit” (

Originally from The two images above represent two tools for two very different sports. The image on the left, DragSox®, is a power training tool for swimmers. The image on the right is a suit for the 2014 Olympics … Continue reading

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The key to Freestyle Balance: Strong Core and then Everything Else

Originally from USA Swimming recently posted a short article titled “The Key to Freestyle Balance: Breathing and Kick” [1] in which the author, Matt Barbini, suggests that a lack of balance is the root of most common flaws in freestyle. … Continue reading

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AquaVolo DragSox vs. Running Shoes

For swimmers… The difference between DragSox® and running shoes.   Click here for more information.

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Improve Balance and Reduce Drag with VB AIR

[repost from AquaVolo] The goal of every competitive swimmer is to swim faster. One way to swim faster is to reduce drag. One way to reduce drag is to improve your body position in the water by making it more … Continue reading

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VoloBlades: Strength Training for Triathletes

Today’s perspective on strength training by Luis Vargas on featured an image of VoloBlades. The image illustrates one of Luis’s recommendations–using paddles to increase strength. Thanks, Luis for emphasizing tools and methods for strength training!

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Introducing VB AIR Paddles

[repost from AquaVolo] There are three common types of underwater arm pull in swimming: 1) the dropped elbow arm pull; 2) the straight arm pull; and 3) the high elbow arm pull. Here is how James Counsilman describes each in his … Continue reading

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Why the U-Shaped Snorkel Has Never Been Embraced by Swimmers

(Reposting one of my older posts. This one is from 2012) A few months ago I wrote a post about the evolution of the center-mounted snorkel.  Today I will look at another type of swimming snorkel, the U-shaped snorkel. Over the last hundred … Continue reading

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Do Finger Paddles Increase “Feel For Water”?

(originally posted at   Finger paddles, sometimes also known as sculling paddles, are frequently touted as paddles that help swimmers increase their “feel for water.” Evidence to support this claim, however, is never provided. One way to think about … Continue reading

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VoloBlades – The Best Swimming Paddles For Triathletes

  VoloBlades™ are technique-enhancing paddles, uniquely designed to improve stroke mechanics by focusing energy in the lower palm, during the catch phase, fully engaging the core and large muscle groups. The result is a more powerful and efficient stroke. More … Continue reading

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Ironman Hawaii World Championship Results Through 2012

The fullest collection of Ironman Hawaii World Championship Results in one place on Ironman Hawaii World Championship Results  

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